The Bacteria Menace
The Bacteria Menace
BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT. CONTACT SKYE FOR AVAILABILITY.Today, there is a dramatic rise in chronic and unexplainable illnesses. Mainstream solutions to these conditions are often too little, too late. Many medical experts now believe that today's most menacing health threat is harbored within the body and causing these illnesses. Learn how to treat chronic health problems because of this overgrowth of bacteria.
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Dr. Weintraub outlines how bacteria may be at the root of many of today's chronic health conditions, as well as how to effectively build immunity and protect one's self from these dangerous agents and without the help of antibiotics.

Citing recent research and case studies throughout history on the subject, she argues that the body's "inner terrain" is where the battle for health is really won or lost. Void of hyper this timely and revealing book is a practical guide to understanding how to best protect yourself from threatening pathogens through strengthening your body's inner defenses. Click here to download related article.

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